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Join us, listen and discuss the latest achievements from industry and academia!

International Workshop on Advanced Patterning Solutions (IWAPS) is based in China and facing the world. Under the strong support of international lithography experts, global enterprises, universities and associations, IWAPS has formed an international advanced lithography exchange platform covering lithography equipment, process, inspection and metrology, mask and materials, computational lithography, DTCO, new lithography technology and other topics.

IWAPS continues to welcome domestic and foreign lithography-related enterprises to announce their technical development results and products, continues to welcome universities and research institutions to present their academic achievements, continues to welcome young engineers and students working in this field to share their brilliant ideas, and continues to welcome investment institutions to explore new opportunities.

IWAPS is a professional academic platform and welcomes related technical experts to discuss the bottlenecks of technological development and put forward your academic views.

For registration, exhibition, sponsorship, you can directly e-mail to iwaps@ime.ac.cn or call: +86-10-82995816.

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